The Story of Joe
Part 2

April 1976
 Moves to California and joins Roadside Attraction, which is a Tom Robbins tribute band in name only. Two pedal steel players, lots of tuning problems, tons of country rock.


Feb. 1977
Sells the steel so he can move to Macon, GA and play alto sax for the Pound and Rogers Band's original hippie music a la Seals and Croft.
August 7, 1977
 Is in a motorcycle accident. Hand injury permanently ends his steel playing career.
  February 1979
Moves to Richmond, VA and joins the Good Humor Band. Full details of this band's sordid history is here.
Oct 1981 - Jan 1982
 Moonlights with Steve Bassett and the Hounds of Renown
  January 1983
Good Humor Band calls it quits
February 1983
Plays with the Bop Cats and anyone else who will have him.
  September 1983
Joins Delbert McClinton with Steve Bassett and the Soul Survivors
August 1984
Moves to Woodstock, NY and joins The John Hall Band.
  June 1985
Moves to Nashville, TN and plays with Billy Chinnock
February 1986
Rejoins Delbert McClinton
  May 1986
Joins T. Graham Brown's band
January 1989
Starts five-year stint with Reba McEntire, becoming musical director.
When not on the road, performed regularly with The Kingsnakes at Nashville's famous Bluebird Cafe
Dec.1989 - Dec 1992
Formed Bobby Q and the Hot Smokin Briskits, immortalized on the upcoming "History of Top-40 Saxophone Solos" CD and book to be released in 2003
  January 1995
Works with Track Marketing supporting band promotions
May 1996
Moves to Decatur, AL to help out in family business
  April 1998
Joins Buffalo Bill's  Wild West Show at Disneyland Paris
September 2000
Returns to U.S. suffering from croissant overload
  May 2001
Moves to Huntsville, AL
February 2002
Moves back to Nashville, TN. Plays sax with T. Graham Brown, works part time, and plays on studio sessions.
  November 2002
Christmas show at Opryland Hotel with Linda Davis

Jan - Dec 2003
Continues playing with T. Graham, joins up with Kelley Hunt, plays another Good Humor Band Reunion, and does Linda Davis' Christmas show again

Jan - Dec 2004
See 2003..
June - July 2005
Spends three weeks and 9,246 miles in a tour bus with the Kelley Hunt band. All live to talk about it.


2006 thru 2009
Still in Nashville playing with T. Graham Brown and Delbert McClinton, including Delbert's Sandy Beaches Blues Cruize in 2008.
May 2009
Moved to the Outer Banks of N.C. for a brighter future and some financial security—for a change.


December 2010
Joe reunites with the Good Humor Band at the National Theater in Richmond, VA.

Check out this video of Joe singing and wailing on T-Bone Shuffle.

Check out this one too.

September 2011
Moved to London, got married, came back to the U.S. for his daughter Meredith's wedding and the Good Humor Band Reunion. Went back to London like a good husband.



Definitely To Be Continued
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